Dawn Before the Light


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We will recorded this EP for our fans. We will rise from dept and only one person is stay in this group. Other person new from 2012 year. Listen and fun. Hell Bros.


released April 25, 2013



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SEPSIS Czech Republic

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Track Name: Mayhem Donor EP 2013
Mayhem Donor
Crawl through the misery, crawl through the agony.
Deepest nightmares embraced by pettiness of cripples.Mayhem donor.
Death disciples breathe your agony arise and caress infidels in blaze of misery.
Recreate your native mayhem, Bring disorder upon the earth,
God of anarchy you are.
Leading marches of genocide. Consuming the ability of you to dream.
Deceiving the flesh beneath your skin
The mayhem donor is me, the mayhem donor is you, trying to approach, apocalyptic end.
Decapitated by you violence, the herd of people stands and me he shepherd.
Who leads you onto hell’s gates
Track Name: In Corpse of Society EP 2013
In corpse of society
Clouds of agony, cover cracked skies.Rains of blood, gnawing earth’s flesh
Deranged minds driven by, of the lust. Sweet smell of death and misery.
My arms are chocking your soul, you’re never free, from my strongest choke.
Tumor’s spreading over the society, your lifeless body never rests.
We harvest poeple’s consciousness, join hordes in their march.
Destroying everything you’ve known epiphany you’ll never have.
Breeding the violence, in corpse of society. Evil pure evil.